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Welcome and congrats on your new ride! Today, we’re diving into a comprehensive checklist tailored for the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. We get it. You want to ensure everything is in top-notch condition before you drive off the lot. This Model 3 Highland delivery checklist will guide you through the essential checks to make the beginning of your ownership experience smooth and enjoyable.

First Things First

Let’s start with the basics. Before anything else, ensure that the VIN matches the paperwork provided by Tesla. Confirm that the color and options align with your preferences.

Then, make sure Tesla has provided you with a front and rear license plate mount and a SAE J1772 adapter. Additionally, if you ordered a mobile or wall connector, check for that.

Lastly, make sure your Model 3 has the latest software version installed in the touchscreen.

Exterior Inspection

Paint and Wheels 

Now, let’s inspect the exterior of your Model 3 Highland, starting with the paint and wheels. Ensure that surfaces and the underside are free of scuffs, marks, or abrasions. Minor scratches from transport are common but can usually be buffed out. Check for wheel scrapes from loading and unloading during transport.

Lastly, confirm that all four valve stem covers are present and tires have the correct PSI.

Panel Gaps 

Move on to the panels. Ensure that they are aligned and flush, with no noticeable gaps or misalignments. Pay special attention to the frunk gap/sag, ensuring it’s no more than 4mm to prevent water ingress. Check the doors, frunk, and automatic trunk for proper operation.

Inspect the front and rear lights, ensuring they are flush with the hood, trunk, and panels and free of condensation. Check the glass roof panels for alignment and signs of potential leaks. Furthermore, ensure there are no cracks in the glass.


The electronic components of your Model 3 are crucial for a seamless driving experience. Confirm that both key cards work on the B-pillar and that phone Bluetooth connectivity functions as the primary key. Test all phone app functions, including unlocking and preconditioning.

Check all front and rear lights for proper functionality, including emergency lights, turn signals, brakes, and hi-beams. Ensure side mirrors and the charge port operate smoothly. Test the windshield wipers and ensure they work correctly without alignment issues.

Finally, confirm that supercharging is operational.

Interior Examination


Moving inside, inspect all upholstery and seats for any scuffs, marks, or abrasions. Check the windshield and windows for ripples in the glass. Ensure the interior liner is properly sealed and free of scuff marks. Confirm the rear seats are aligned. Lastly, make sure you have your carpeted floor mats for long range models and up.


Test all windows to ensure they operate smoothly without noise or issues. Check the AC/Heat for full power operation without strange noises. Test all interior buttons, especially dome lights and emergency buttons.

Ensure both front door emergency levers work and that the front seats don’t squeak when moving. Test all interior lights, such as footwells, puddle lights, and dome lights. Confirm that ambient lighting on the dash and doors works and changes colors.

Verify the functionality of the rear touchscreen without lag. Check all USB outlets and wireless phone chargers for proper operation. Ensure the 12-volt DC receptacle has power. Make sure the rear backup camera and side cameras are clear and working.

Test music, phone streaming, and radio reception. Confirm that voice control works and that the microphone picks up good audio quality. Finally, test all speakers for sound emission without any audio clipping.


By thoroughly inspecting every aspect of your vehicle, you’re ensuring a flawless ownership experience. Whether you’re hitting the roads or charging up for your next adventure, rest assured knowing that your Model 3 is in top-notch condition after using this Model 3 Highland delivery checklist. Happy driving!

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