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6 Reasons I Would Never Go Back To An ICE Car After Owning a Tesla

I was in a wreck in my Model Y about a month ago, and since then, I’ve been driving an ICE car to get by. These are just a few things I’ve missed and taken for granted about my Tesla. So, if you’re wondering what’s so special about a Tesla or other EV, I hope this can help offer some insight. If you already have a Tesla, maybe you can relate!


I never use keys with my Tesla, because my phone IS my key. Sure, I have a fob and keycard for backup or valet, but my phone is my primary key. I simply walk up to it, it acknowledges the phone in the vicinity, and it unlocks right as I’m reaching for the door handle. 

Not going to lie – I’ve been late a few times this last month simply because I couldn’t find my keys. I even put an air tag on them once. 


My Tesla app notifies me whenever there’s a problem with the Tesla. Whether it’s low washer fluid or a recall, it’s all right there in the app for me to read.

The check engine light came on the other day in the Elantra I’ve been driving temporarily. I dug out my OBD meter, plugged it in behind the steering column, and ultimately found out that I needed a new spark plug. Something I never thought I’d have to say again. 

Since I’ve had a Model 3 for 4 years and Model Y for 2 years, I’ve only ever had to change the air filters, refill the washer fluid, or get new tires. That’s about the extent of the regular maintenance. I’ve never even had to replace the brakes since regenerative (regen) braking doesn’t allow for me to use them often. If you’re not familiar with this term, it means that you typically only use one pedal to drive. As you let off the gas, the car starts slowing immediately. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, in my opinion, you can never go back. 


I can use the Tesla app to change the inside temp before getting inside. Cold or hot out, I’m ready to go. I can even schedule it to be ready in the morning by a certain time, if I wanted it to defrost for example.  


The Tesla touchscreen is a very simple, clean look. The AC, music, maps, etc. is all in one place – literally at your fingertips. As for the Elantra, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have come a long way, the touchscreen can’t function without it being connected to my phone, while the Tesla has its own UI. There are also just so many buttons that are mostly never used or are outdated. I’ve really enjoyed having a car that has software updates all the time. 


Charging is way easier than you might think. I have a very integrated lifestyle, often charging at work or at home. The Supercharger network is great for traveling and can charge sometimes in less than 10 minutes nowadays. Plus, Superchargers are usually around a mall or restaurants, so you plan to stop at lunch or dinner. Gas is way more expensive; I’ve saved thousands over the years. 


You may be familiar with advanced cruise control, which controls your speed and following distance to cars in front of you. This is usually a feature in newer ICE cars. However, Tesla’s Autopilot does all that and also keeps you in your lane. Enhanced AP will change lanes for you as well. FSD, or full self driving, is still in beta right now, but it’s getting better everyday. It’s important and well worth it to me to have FSD. There are so many micro decisions to be made on road trips when driving an ICE car that I believe make you so tired and can be a not very enjoyable experience.  

In conclusion, I’m super grateful that I have a car to drive temporarily – no matter what kind of car it is! These were just some things I’ve missed since getting back behind the wheel of a car with an engine.