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Tesla’s minimalist interior comes fairly stylish and well-equipped as is, but you might find yourself wanting that extra “oomph” after it’s arrived to accommodate your personality and lifestyle. Upgrade your Tesla with these accessories to help you make the most of your electric beauty. 

Mud Flaps for Model 3/Y

Mud Flaps keep your Tesla’s paint safe from rocks, dirt, sludge, and snow. Easy, screw-less installation, they have a sporty look while offering years of protection. All Model 3 mud flaps unfortunately have to be installed on top of the paint, so we offer custom-cut paint protection film that you can easily apply before installing the mud flaps. This extra step will do wonders by preventing debris from accumulating underneath the flap and and scratching the car’s paint. 

Drop Lock Rear Seat Lock for Model 3

Tesbros’ Rear Seat Lock is custom-designed by using cutting-edge, 3D-printing technology for the perfect fit. The lock’s goal is to set your rear seats in place to prevent thieves from getting to any valuables in your trunk. Its bright red appearance and stickers we provide that say “Seats Locked” is to hopefully deter thieves before a crime has occurred. 

Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for Model 3/Y

A touchscreen you look at every day in order to drive your sweet ride needs to be protected. With this Tempered Glass Screen Protector, you have matte and clear options to choose from. It’ll protect your Tesla’s screen from scratches, fingerprints, smudges, or scuffs. The best part in our opinion is just how easy it is to clean. Plus, we offer an easy installation guide to follow as well as a snap-on installation frame to make sure the screen is in perfect position. 

All-Weather Floor Mats for S/3/X

Tesbros’ All-Weather Floor Mats are essential to making sure you don’t have mud, spills and crud trapped in your Tesla’s carpet forever. A sleek design and 3-D fit, they look stylish while also protecting your interior from water, mud, dirt, and snow. Made of XPE foam cushion to dampen road noises and equipped with anti-skid backing.

Sun Shades for 3/Y

This one goes out to all the sunny states. Keep your panoramic roof shaded and your head cool with these custom-designed shades. They are ideal for keeping your AC in and UV rays out on those extra hot days to save some range. Easy to install and remove when needed with simple clips. 

Lug Nut Covers for S/3/X/Y

If you don’t like the look of your aero wheels, pop them off and throw these on your Tesla’s lug nuts for a matte black finish. With 20 covers in each set, you can easily install these covers without any tools!

Jack Pads for S/3/X/Y

Lift your Tesla safely without damaging the battery tray or side skirt. One slip off the jack and there could be some costly damages. These will help you avoid that. Check out this video for more info on how to use jack pads. 

Center Console Organizers for 3/Y

A couple of console organizers can change your life. Just kidding, but it can help. With spaces for your sunglasses, pens, coins, and more, the organizer is custom-fit and fleece lined to avoid rattles on the road.

Congrats on your new ride, and hopefully these accessories can give you a good start to customizing your Tesla just the way you like it. For more Tesla or product questions, contact us or check out more at