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Stand Out From The Fleet

The possibilities for customizing your Tesla are endless! We’ve put together a lookbook to hopefully spark inspiration and help make your Tesla reflect your personality!


Instead of a full color wrap, you can apply accents to make your ride look more sporty and sleek. For those older Models, we have a complete chrome delete kit that allows you to get rid of all of your chrome by covering it up with pre-cut vinyl pieces. Another fan favorite is the pillar delete kit that blacks out your A pillar, perfectly aligning with your trims. If you want to go even further (why not, right?), we have a sporty look for your front bumper that accentuates the curves of it. Take a look at all of the exterior wraps we offer below. Each one comes with two sets in case of mistakes and a step-by-step install guide.

Learn more about wrapping your Tesla in this video, where we answer common questions about vinyl wraps:


If you’re like me, I care about what the inside of my Tesla looks like almost as much as the outside. The center console, steering wheel, and dashboard can easily be transformed to white, carbon fiber, or a simple satin black. We have lots of colors, designs, and textures to choose from. We want your ride to match your style and personality, so check out these pre-cut vinyl kits below. Each come with 2 sets in case of mistakes and a step-by-step install guide.


Accessories can step up your game to the next level. Teslas are minimalistic, so it’s easy to add a few touches here and there without it feeling cluttered. If you want to upgrade to a Performance, now you can have an OEM-like rear carbon fiber spoiler. Want to take off your aero wheel covers? We have matte black lug nuts that you can snap on to make it look complete. Drive through rough terrain? Mud flaps with custom-cut PPF are ready for you at TESBROS. The PPF provided with the Model 3 makes sure the flaps don’t scratch your paint. Of course everyone needs a reliable floor mat set to make sure everything you’re tracking in doesn’t ruin your Tesla carpet. We have non-slip mats, 3-D scanned for a perfect fit edge to edge. My personal favorite are the seat covers. They look and feel OEM (if not better than OEM), and are built to last for years.

Check out these popular options below, and let us know if there’s something you want that we don’t sell. We’re always testing outsourced products and creating new vinyl and PPF kits in house to provide the best for you guys. Email us at or reach out to us on X (Twitter) or Instagram @teslabros. If you’re interested in learning more about how to customize, protect, and maintain your Tesla, check us out on YouTube for weekly videos.