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Owning a Cybertruck has been an exciting experience, but there’s one upgrade that could significantly improve its functionality: a washer for the rear camera, just like the OEM one on the front. This addition is crucial because, with the tonneau closed, the rearview mirror is unusable, making you heavily reliant on the rear camera for visibility.

So, if you’re like me, I keep the tonneau closed almost all the time. Instead of pulling over every time it’s dirty to clean it off, I installed the ClearVu rear camera washer for the ultimate convenience.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Installation Steps Overview:

  1. Removal:
    • Frunk: Remove the front trunk components.
    • Fender Flare Front: Remove the flare and the clips around it. Remove the camera connection.
    • Fender Flare Rear: Remove the flare and the clips around it.
    • Mark the hole to drill with the guide provided.
    • Taillight Bar: Remove the taillight bar.
  2. Feeding Wires:
    • Feed the hose into the tailgate and light bar area first, making sure you have enough hose to reach the area and some extra. The hose will go from right below the camera in the tailgate all the way around the passenger rear fender flare, under the rocker, over the front fender flare and into the frunk area to connect to the front hose with a T-split.
    • Rocker: When you get to the rocker, remove the 10 mm bolts and feed the wire until you get to the frunk.
    • Attach the line to the washer pump.
  3. Drilling and Installing:
    • Drill a hole in the back of the truck for the washer nozzle.
    • Install the nozzle and connect the hose.
  4. Testing:
    • Test the sprayer to ensure everything is working correctly before putting it all back together.
  5. Reinstallation:
    • Reinstall the taillight bar and reassemble the tailgate.
    • Reattach the fender flares and rocker bolts.
    • Reinstall the frunk components.  
  6. Troubleshooting:
    • Test the washer as you reassemble the truck. The hose can get pinched, especially around the rocker area, so keep checking and rearranging as you go.

Should you get one? 

Adding a rear camera washer to your Cybertruck not only enhances its functionality, but also significantly improves safety by ensuring a clear rear view at all times. Follow this guide for a smooth installation process and enjoy a better driving experience.

Note: This is for extreme DIYers, mostly because you do have to drill through your steel to install this. We recommend watching the entire video and make sure you feel comfortable with the install before purchase.