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If you miss having buttons readily available in your car, S3XY buttons may be for you. Check out the video above as Ji, TESBROS founder, does a walkthrough of features and shows how to install them in a 2023 Model S. 

Over the years, Tesla has upgraded the Models in many ways, but one thing that has stayed the same is how minimalistic the style is. It just keeps getting more and more simple, even removing the steering wheel stalks in the 2023 Model S.

Buttons or no buttons? Everyone has their preferences, and we want you to have the choice to customize your Tesla. So, we worked with a great company out of Europe called Enhance Auto to bring these to TESBROS. This way they ship straight from our warehouse in Chattanooga, TN, giving you a faster shipping experience.

These buttons are easily programmable to any Tesla function and you can place them anywhere. They make a 3-step process a 1-step process, and you look pretty cool doing it.

Model 3/Y Installation Instructions (video below) 

  1. Power the car off on the touchscreen. 
  2. Move the driver seat forward all the way. (Be careful not to push the headrest into your visor mirror.)
  3. Remove the plastic cover at the back of the center console with the trim tool provided. 
  4. Unplug the blue connectors (or the CAN BUS). Push the tab in and pull to remove. 
  5. Then, plug in the provided cable between them.  
  6. Fold the connector in to make it as flush as possible before putting the plastic cover back on. 
  7. You’ll hear the clips snap back in place.
  8. Plug in the Commander and tuck away beside the console. 
  9. Download the Enhance S3XY buttons app.  
  10. Add each button by pressing connect on the app and holding the button down for about 3 seconds. 
  11. Then, program the buttons to the functions you want. 
  12. Place buttons wherever you want in the car by removing the adhesive on the back. 

You can switch the covers from black with a black trim to black with a white trim if you prefer. Both trim options are included.
Common placement options are the glovebox, steering wheel, and center console areas.

Video below shows how to install in a Tesla Model 3/Y.