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My Model 3 was in a wreck. Everyone’s okay! But, my Model 3 didn’t fare so well. My wife was driving and she was turning left when a motorcycle hit her on the right rear quarter panel. It bent the panel in and nearly took off the bumper. I actually had to take it off to be able to drive it to the collision center safely. It damaged a few different brackets, took off a sensor, and bent metal parts under both taillights. So, here’s the steps I took to get it fixed up. 

1. File a Claim with Insurance

I know insurance isn’t fun, but I’ll make it simple. I have comprehensive and collision full coverage, so if someone hits me or I hit them, it’s still covered with a deductible of $500. I recommend this type of coverage, but it’s totally up to you. 

Make sure you park the car and don’t drive it. If you do try to fix it, insurance won’t cover it. 

For the damages estimate, you can do one of two things:

  1. Send in photos and video of the damages 
  2. Have an adjuster come to you to see it in person

I sent in footages and got back a quote for $1,500 that I then sent to the body shop I chose. They can confirm or change that price and also go ahead and order the parts. This original estimate was for the bumper replacement, paint, and labor. Here’s what my estimate looked like: Heo Estimate

2. The Body Shop  

There are only 13 Tesla body shops in the U.S., but you can also find a certified Tesla shop to go to, which is what I did. 

At the drop off at Advanced Collision here in Chattanooga, they had a better look at the car for an initial assessment, and gave me a timeline of 5-10 days. BUT it actually took about 3 weeks, because they ended up having to order other parts once they got into it.

Unfortunately, Tesla has a part shortage right now, so it took a while to get in. Keep that in mind if you’re ever in an accident to order the parts as soon as possible, or it may take longer than you think to get it fixed. Looking back, I would have gotten an adjuster to come look at it in person instead of sending in the damages via photos, because they can give a better estimate. 

Find a Tesla Body Shop Near You

3. The Fix  

They repaired the rear quarter panel, rear body panel, and the outer wheelhouse. They also replaced the right outer bumper side bracket, the rear bumper, the rear park sensor, pressure vent which is behind the rear bumper, and the lower quarter panel extension. It ended up costing about $3,400, more than 2x as much as was originally quoted. 

After about 2.5 months, I finally have Sammi (my Model 3) back! I hope you’re never in a wreck, but if you are, I hope this helps!

Before and after below 


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