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One of our top selling DIY kits is a pillar delete, and we make this kit where you can install it on your own by watching our install guide. No cutting required – just peel, squeegee in place, and tuck. It transforms the look of your Tesla to make it stealthy and sporty. The kit also comes with 2 sets in case you mess up and need to start over.

To use the professional “bulk” method, you would take a large piece of vinyl, lay it all the way across the pillar, squeegee, cut, and tuck. There’s also ways to use knifeless tape as shown above that can make the job easier.

This looks good on all the Tesla colors except black. Since it’s the only color we had during this video shoot (above), we use vinyl colors like blue and white to show contrast. Typically on your white, red, blue, or gray Tesla, you would use satin black to match the trims and gloss black to match the glass roof.