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Your wheels get hit with a lot of debris from the road and other cars around you. All that brake dust and road debris builds up to create grime in your wheel barrels that can be tough to get off. The video above explains how to clean your Tesla wheels effectively whether you have aero wheel covers or not. Here’s all the links and simplified steps listed below! 

What You Need

Clean Your Wheels

  1. Fill your bucket with a couple “bloops” of car shampoo and water about ¾ of the way up and add in your brushes and mitts to let them soak. 
  2. Pop off the wheel cover if you have it on there and set aside. (No tools required!)  
  3. Spray down thoroughly with a pressure washer or water hose to get as much dust and dirt out as possible.
  4. Spray iron remover on the rims and in the wells to clean out the brake dust. 
  5. Let it sit for a few minutes with the remover on it so it can dissolve the brake dust and iron particles. (It’ll actually turn purple!) 
  6. Rinse off. 
  7. Use your tire brush to scrub the tires.
  8. Rinse.
  9. If you have really bad dirt stains or dirt packed onto your wheel, spray a degreaser on it and let it sit for a few minutes.
  10. Use your tire brush again to scrub the tires.
  11. Rinse.
  12. Spray the wheel wells and then use the tire brush to scrub those.
  13. Rinse.
  14. Use a wheel wooly to get in between the rims and into the barrel and really clean out those hard to reach areas. 
  15. Use a small soapy boar brush to go over crevices in the rims, such as where the lug nuts and Logos are. This will agitate the dirt. 
  16. Use a microfiber mitt to wipe down the wheels, really grabbing the spokes. 
  17. Rinse one last time. 
  18. Use a blower to dry out the water (optional).
  19. Dry with drying towel. 

Clean Your Aero Wheel Cover 

  1. Spray down both sides.
  2. Go over with a small soapy boar brush to agitate the dirt.
  3. Wipe down with soapy microfiber mitt. 
  4. Rinse off. 
  5. Same for the other side! 
  6. Dry with drying towel.
  7. Pop it back on the wheel or even set it aside in your garage if you like this look better. Just add the lug nut covers and pop the center logo on there if so.