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In the video above, we go through every dirty scenario you might face and show you how well waterless wash does with each. 

What Is It

Waterless includes lots of cleaning agents that combined, trap and wipe off dirt without scratching the surface of your car. Our waterless in particular includes wax, which will give it that shine. Don’t worry, it’s also biodegradable and safe around your kids and your pets! 

How To Use

When using waterless, it’s good to keep two microfibers around. One for wiping the dirt and the other for buffing after. 

The main thing is that you don’t run the dirt across the surface of the car. The way to do that is when wiping, fold your microfiber into fourths, and continue using a different part until it gets too dirty. The video shows this more in detail.

When To Use

If you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow car washing, if you’re in a pinch to clean, or even dying to wipe down your car while supercharging, waterless wash may be for you. 

It’s not an end all solution and it’s not practical to clean your entire car with it, BUT it does help with light dirt, dust, and debris. I use it mostly for cleaning door and trunk sills. It’s perfect for that, because those areas get really dirty and you can’t wash them as you would with the rest of the exterior of your car.

Testing the Elements

First of all, our waterless is safe for all wrapped cars – PPF and vinyl alike.

Dust, bird poop, light dirt/mud, water spots, and sills are all within waterless wash range. 

If you clean off bug guts right away, it will do a decent job, but overall a pressure washer is the way to go for that. Tar and other rough road debris that typically are found on your rockers will not come off well either with waterless.