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We had the awesome opportunity to check out the Tesla Model 3 Highland in Palm Beach, Florida, while we were there wrapping a Cybertruck. In the video above, Ji compares the Refresh to the older Model 3 (aka Legacy). He walks through the exterior and interior before taking it for a spin to a local Supercharger. Here are the main differences between the 2024 Model 3 Highland and the older Model 3 Legacy that we noticed in our first look:

2024 Model 3 Highland Exterior

  • New front, mostly the bumper and headlight changes
  • Rear “TESLA” on the trunk hatch, not just the “T”
  • Taillight differences
  • Rear diffuser and reflectors differences
  • Rear trunk has two side compartments instead of one
  • Frunk windshield wiper fluid is now at the bottom instead of the top
  • Hardware 4.0
  • Power trunk
  • New aero wheel covers

When looking at it from the side profile, it looks so similar it’s hardly noticeable that there’s a change. The doors, door handles, pillars, mirrors, and rear quarter panels all look about the same.

2024 Model 3 Highland Interior

  • No steering wheel stalks
  • Dash redesigned with gray fabric and vegan leather
  • Personalized RGB ambient accent lights
  • Perforated seats in the front and back for heating and cooling feature
  • Touchscreen in the rear
  • Center console redesign similar to the newer Model S
  • Side speakers have blind spot warning
  • Touch roof lights

So overall, this was a very short time that we had with the model 3, but we love it. We think we’re gonna get it in the next couple of weeks in our shop. We’re really excited about what we’re gonna be doing with this car as far as content and products go, so stay tuned for that.

Check out the video above to see what all these cool new aspects and features look like, and go for a spin with Ji as he talks through his first drive experience.

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