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We had the awesome opportunity to check out the Tesla Model 3 Highland in Palm Beach, Florida, while we were there wrapping a Cybertruck. In the video above, Ji compares the Refresh to the older Model 3 (aka Legacy). He walks through the exterior and interior before taking it for a spin to a local Supercharger. Here are the main differences between the 2024 Model 3 Highland and the older Model 3 Legacy that we noticed in our first look:

2024 Model 3 Highland Exterior

  • New front, mostly the bumper and headlight changes
  • Rear “TESLA” on the trunk hatch, not just the “T”
  • Taillight appearance differences
  • Rear diffuser and reflectors appearance differences
  • Frunk windshield wiper fluid is now at the bottom below the frunk cargo area instead of the top
  • Hardware 4.0
  • Power trunk
  • Tow hook area in the back and front (Legacy has only the front)
  • New Photon aero wheel covers

When looking at it from the side profile, it looks so similar it’s hardly noticeable that there’s a change. The doors, door handles, pillars, mirrors, and rear quarter panels all look about the same.

2024 Model 3 Highland Interior

  • No steering wheel stalks
  • Dash redesigned with gray fabric instead of the wood
  • Personalized RGB ambient accent lights
  • Perforated seats in the front and back for heating and cooling features
  • Touchscreen in the rear behind the center console
  • Center console redesign similar to the 2023+ Model S
  • Side speakers on the door panels have blind spot warning indicator
  • Touch roof lights
  • Rear trunk has two side compartments instead of one

Check out the video above to see what all these cool new aspects and features look like, and go for a spin with Ji as he talks through his first drive experience.

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