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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Tesla Delivery Checklist! Whether you’ve just ordered your first Tesla or are a seasoned electric vehicle enthusiast, this article is the key to a flawless delivery experience. As a Tesla enthusiast who has owned various models (except the Roadster, unfortunately), I’ve had my share of bad delivery experiences and great ones! I share insights and essential tips to ensure your new Tesla meets and exceeds your expectations. We provide a checklist and review the list in our video below. You’ve never been this excited about a list. Happy delivery day! 

The Basics for Tesla Delivery Checklist

Paperwork and Initial Checks

  • Verify Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches your paperwork
  • Confirm the correct color and options of your Tesla
  • Tesla’s license plate frame & front license plate mount
  • No longer included, but a separate purchase: Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) cable with the included standard adapters (NEMA 5-15, NEMA 14-50) and the carry bag. Check out this Tesla support page for the latest updates on what is included in this UMC bag as it can change year to year. 
  • SAE J1772 Adapter
  • Ensure the latest software version is installed

Exterior Inspection

Paint, Wheels, and Panels

  • Check for scuffs, marks, or deep scratches on surfaces and underside
  • Wheels free of scrapes from truck unloading/loading
  • Verify all four valve stem covers are present on tires
  • Assess panel alignment and gaps
  • Inspect front and rear lights for flush fitting and condensation
  • Examine glass roof panels for alignment and potential leak signs

Electronic Systems

Functionality and Performance

  • Test both key cards and phone Bluetooth connectivity
  • Confirm all phone app functions and front & rear lights are operational
  • Ensure side mirrors, charge port door, and windshield wipers function correctly
  • Verify supercharging and all Mobile Connector adapters

Interior Inspection

Materials and Electronics

  • Inspect surfaces for scuffs and marks, check glass for ripples
  • Confirm proper sealing of interior liner and paint in door gaps
  • Ensure all interior electronics function correctly, including AC/Heat, emergency buttons, and seats
  • Check audio system, including all speakers and sound quality

Final Thoughts – Tesla Delivery Checklist

Ensuring Your Tesla Delivery Experience Exceeds Expectations

Remember, Tesla Delivery Day is a significant event, and you deserve the best experience. Use this Tesla delivery checklist to thoroughly inspect your new Tesla, ensuring it’s in the perfect condition you expect. If you’re unhappy with the delivery, you can refuse delivery, although it may delay your new vehicle. If you are happy with it but there are minor imperfections, make sure you take photos, keep records, and have the Tesla service advisor take the note into account so you can refer to it later when you request service. It will make it much simpler to fix those minor things in the near future. Lastly, I would recommend joining your local Tesla group on Facebook. Those groups can be incredibly helpful since you have a group of Tesla owners with insights into the local service center. Congrats again, and I hope you enjoy your Tesla! 

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