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Teslas are minimalistic and modern, making it easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. However, since all Model 3 and Model Ys look the same, it can be hard to stand out. I mean, have you ever walked up to a different Tesla thinking that it was yours? That’s why we started making DIY wraps for the exterior and interior to fit your style and personality. The video above talks about how Ji started TESBROS by making DIY vinyl wraps and what all options we have today. 

About Our DIY Wrap Kits 

Our vinyl kits are made out of 3M high quality material, and every kit comes with the tools needed. Most do require a heat gun though. We also provide 2 sets in case of errors. Everyone deserves a second chance! 

We have lots of colors, textures, and designs to choose from, and there’s no cutting required. Simply follow the video guides to align, place, squeegee, and tuck. 

Every design is made by us in house and shipped right from our warehouse in Tennessee.

They aren’t permanent. You can take them off at any time without damaging what’s underneath, but they will last up to 7 years if taken care of.

Interior Wrap Kits 

Exterior Wrap Kits 

Note: Vinyl wraps won’t adhere very well to ceramic coating. 

You can mix and match designs, and really make it your own. If you have any design or color ideas, send us an email at, and we’ll see if we can either make you a custom order or add it to our inventory if we like it. We have a lot of products coming soon that we’re excited about, and we thank you for your support! 

If you’re interested in protecting your ride, we have PPF kits too!  

Take our style quiz here and get started on your Tesla personalization journey.

Our YouTube channel focuses on helping you customize, protect, and maintain your Tesla. Here are a few more vinyl videos: