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Seat covers can be a way to personalize your car’s interior and make it uniquely yours, as well as protect your Tesla Model 3 or Y’s original vegan leather.  Being fully transparent, these seat covers are difficult to install due to the seat removal process and perfect fitment. They require at least a couple hours and patience (It’s much easier with a friend in our opinion!). However, these high-quality seat covers are made to last for years. Best part? They are airbag tested and approved, because your safety comes first.

At TESBROS, we work directly with third parties to get our accessories, and then we put them through extensive testing in our own Teslas to make sure they are of the highest quality and fitment. If they don’t pass, we send them back for re-redesigns or we don’t put them on our shelf. These seat covers are no different. The video below shows a behind the scenes look at the first time we tried out the covers from Individual Autodesign.

Why put these seat covers in your Tesla?

  1. Protection: Seat covers can protect your car’s original upholstery from wear and tear, stains, spills, and damage. Teslas are prone to bubbling up and/or wearing out due to heat mixed with oils from hair or skin. With seat covers, they stay in pristine condition and help maintain the resale value. Check out this video that talks more about the bubbling issue and how you can also use ceramic coating to protect your seats. 
  2. Style & Customization: You can choose seat covers that match your personal style or the interior of your car, allowing you to customize the look of your vehicle. These seat covers are high-quality synthetic leather that fit snug to your seat, making it look like it was meant to be there all along. We currently have sterling grey that matches the headliner and red if you want to spice it up.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Seat covers are typically easier to clean than the original upholstery, and there’s no worry of ruining the original underneath.
  4. Temperature Regulation: If you have a black interior, the grey, perforated seat covers make it much cooler in the summer. We’ll hopefully have some other lighter options in the future!

Overall, seat covers offer both practical and aesthetic benefits for your car, and the decision to use them depends on your specific needs and preferences. For example, I installed them because I bought my Tesla used (it was 5 years old) and wanted to make sure the seats stayed in great condition considering the age. I also loved how the seats didn’t burn me anymore in the TN heat! I went from black to grey. A huge bonus is just how great they look. A lot of people get in my Model 3 and don’t even realize they are covers.


For the Model 3, you’ll need to remove your rear seats. This video shows you exactly how:

The videos below go over all the materials and tools you need, as well as the step by step process of installation. Here are some basic things to remember before getting started.

  1. Gather Your Materials: Make sure you have all the necessary materials in your seat cover purchase, including all seat cover parts, clips, and upholstery needle. Outside of that, check out the “what you need” part of the video (listed in the description too). It’s helpful to identify which covers go where before starting.
  2. Prepare Your Seats: Before you begin, clean your car seats thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or spills. Ensure that the seats are dry before proceeding.
  3. Watch the Instructional Videos: If you watch the videos beforehand, and keep the videos nearby when installing, the process will be much easier.
  4. Smooth It Out: Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the seat cover when you finish installing. The easiest way is with a steamer. This will ensure that it fits snugly and evenly over the seat. (optional)
  5. Final Adjustments: After all the seat covers are in place, sit in the seats and make final adjustments to ensure they are comfortable and secure. Double-check that all seat belts can be buckled.

Proper installation ensures that the seat covers look good, fit securely, and do not interfere with the safety features of your car’s seats.