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Your Tesla is cool. Make it even cooler with these interior wraps. You can personalize your interior easily and affordably all on your own. Our vinyl kits always come pre-cut and ready to install out of the box. Also, you’ll get two sets in case of errors! And don’t worry, these aren’t permanent, so you can have it on for years or change it up every few months with a new color. The options are limitless. We can even do custom colors if you want something not shown on our site! Email and we’ll take care of you.

1. Center Console 

Let’s face it. The piano black on the 1.0 CC is the worst. Fingerprints just glaring at you constantly. I haven’t found a way to keep it clean yet, but if you have, let me know. You can choose between 8 different colors and textures to give it some style. The 2.0s look pretty good with the stock dark grey, but if you’re not into that or you’re ready for a change, you can definitely mix it up with these colors too. 

2. Dashboard 

The Dashboard and CC wraps are my favorite combination. You can make them the same or they can complement each other. Whatever floats your boat. I personally don’t prefer the wood dash; I think it’s pretty old school when it comes to something as high tech and future-forward as a Tesla. So, this is a simple way to upgrade that wood and make it a tad more sleek. 


If your newer model has an interior wooden trim that connects with the dashboard when you close the door, we also have a kit for that so you can make sure your dash matches all the way around. 

3. Steering Wheel 

You can really up your game with a steering wheel wrap that matches the rest of your interior style. So if you’re tired of looking at matte black, we’ve got 6 colors for you to choose from! Mix and match colors in your interior or make them all the same. There are so many options! 

4. Door switches 

The door switch wraps are just that last bit of color you didn’t know you needed. It’ll complete the interior look and bring it all together. No more piano black, and your attention to detail will definitely be noticed by your passengers. 


If your newer Model doesn’t come with door labels, we got you with this door label kit. It’s a simple satin white label that lets your passengers know which button opens the door. Fun fact: Our company, TESBROS, started by creating and selling this door label kit since the older Models didn’t come with them, and it seemed like a pretty big pain point to try and fix.