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Congratulations on joining the EV movement with your Tesla Model 3! We know you’ll love it more and more after every charge knowing that you’re helping Tesla’s mission of entering sustainability through innovation. To enjoy your car, even more, we’ve come up with the “must-buys” for Tesla Model 3 owners.

1. Screen protector

Considering your Model 3 depends on the massive 15-inch for everything from locking your doors to activating autopilot, you want to protect your screen. When I first purchased my Model 3 in July 2018, I bought a cheap one from Amazon for $20. It was low quality and it created bubbles and glare, so I removed it shortly. The Tesla Model 3/Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector promises no bubbles and no glare. Sold. I installed it and I’ve been loving it. As a pet owner myself, I feel comfortable having my pets inside the Model 3 with the screen protector installed.

Protect your Screen

2. Door Label

We’ve all been there. As your friends and family try to figure out how to exit out of the Model 3 and before you can tell them how to exit, they pull the manual door release. Ouch. This simple door label kit gives the necessary information they need to understand how to exit the vehicle. It’s a no brainer if you don’t want to hear the warning chime and notice that says, “May cause damage to the window trim.” Yikes!

Get Your Door Label Kit!

3. Center Console Wrap

Piano black sounds nice but not when you start touching it. The thing is, you can’t avoid touching it to get to your valuables. The center console by nature is a fingerprint magnet and is easily scratched. I had mine for less than a week and I noticed I had already scratched it multiple times. You’re better off installing a center console wrap right away. This wrap is super easy to install and makes your center console look better (in my opinion) without all the fingerprint and scratches. It also self-heals with heat if you ever scratch it.

Design Your Center Console

4. Jack Pads

Tesla recommends that you rotate your tires every 6,250 miles. Because the battery of the Model 3 is at the bed of the vehicle, the jack points have a smaller surface area similar to the Corvette. If the jack is resting on the wrong area, it could damage the battery. To avoid that, you can install these jack pads that give it that extra cushion so you don’t damage anything and the jack is resting on the right area. It’s important to rotate your tires to get the most out of your tires because of how heavy electric vehicles are due to the battery.

Get your Jack Pads!

5. USB + Hub

One of the most anticipated new features of 2018 and 2019 was dashcam and Sentry Mode. Both of these features require a USB drive to be directly installed to the front USB inside the center console which only leaves you with one port available in the front. The wireless Sandisk USB drive is the closest thing to wirelessly accessing your footages in the time being although you cannot access files when connected. Since Sentry Mode records in different angles, you’d want a 64GB at the least. The USB hub from Anker will allow you to have 4 ports available to charge your other devices so you don’t run out of charge.

There are hundreds of accessories out there for your Model 3 but as an owner with over 20,000 miles, these are my “needs.” Unfortunately, I’ve purchased dozens of accessories only to waste money. What do you think? We’d love to hear what you think are essentials, too! Tweet at us or shoot us an email to let us know!