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PPF can be easily removed whether you’re a professional or a DIYer. The video above explains two simple techniques to get your PPF removed correctly without causing that frustrating adhesive residue to stay behind.

Instead of a steamer, use boiling water and a large microfiber drying towel.

Place the microfiber on the PPF, pour boiling hot water carefully over the towel, and let it sit for a few minutes. This process allows the towel to hold in all the heat from the water and really saturate the PPF. After a few minutes, move the hot towel to the next section so it can be heating that up, and go ahead and start peeling. Make sure you pull the PPF toward you as the video demonstrates. This is key to making sure the adhesive leaves with the PPF. The film should be gummy and stretch easily. If it isn’t, it’s either too cold in your environment or the water isn’t hot enough. Repeat the same steps of pouring and peeling as you work your way across the film.

Instead of a heat gun, use a hair dryer.

This process takes a bit more time, but it’s definitely doable! Take a hair dryer in one hand and peel with the other. Make sure you move the dryer back and forth from about 6 inches above the film and DO NOT leave it in one place. This could cause the film to burn and possibly damage the clear coat of the paint. So, be careful as you work your way slowly across.

I’d say a big bonus of using the microfiber technique is that you can use both hands to peel and pull the PPF up.

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