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When configuring your Tesla, you can opt for an installed hitch at $1,000. Later on if you decide you want it, it’s $1,300 through Tesla service. However, there are some ways to save money on your hitch.

Who is an aftermarket hitch for?

If you’re pulling lighter items such as a luggage or bike rack, then an aftermarket hitch is perfect for you. If you’re pulling anything heavier, such as a trailer or camper, I would suggest getting it through Tesla as the price won’t be much different. This is because with a larger item to pull, you’ll need tow mode/trailer mode which is a software upgrade that has to be pushed out through Tesla ($) and you’ll need a connector for the lights ($) that Tesla already installs for you. These extra charges add up to be about the same. 

An aftermarket hitch is also for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, as you will have to remove the rear bumper and crash bar to install this. The video above explains the process and offers tips to get the best install.