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Why does the Model S come with a front license plate bracket?

When the Model S 2021 refresh was crashed tested by the NHTSA, it had the front license plate on it. So, Tesla is legally required to keep that on there for delivery.

Can you remove it?

Absolutely. Some states don’t require it, or maybe you just want a different bracket for your Model S. If you’re applying vinyl or PPF, it’ll have to be removed as well.

Removal Overview

  1. Remove the top plate first held there with 3 screws. You’ll need locking pliers for the easiest removal.
  2. Remove the bracket underneath held by two heavy-duty strips of 3m adhesive. This will take some time, and we recommend using hot water and fishing line. Trim tools help too. Ji explains more in the video above.
  3. Once that’s off, you’ll see adhesive left on the car. Take your time and peel it off by hand using the hot water to help loosen it. You can opt for a drill 3m eraser brush if you have experience using one.
  4. When that’s peeled off, remove the excess residue with waterless wash and a microfiber.
  5. You can leave it like this if you’re satisfied, but if you’re about to PPF or vinyl wrap, we recommend clay barring the area with a degreaser/prep wash as a lubricant. Check out the video for more details!

Can you put the front license plate back on? 

Yes, it’s completely reusable. Clean off the bracket and the car, apply more 3M adhesive tape right where it was before, and stick it back on. You can put this over color vinyl and PPF, but remember that it will damage the films if you were to take if off them later.

What you need:

– Locking pliers (Ji is using Blue Point in video)
– Hot water or steamer
– Plastic Trim tool (flat and wide works best)
– Thick fishing line (optional, but very helpful)
– Waterless Wash
– Microfiber
– Clay bar (optional but highly recommended before wrapping)
– Prep wash (also known as degreaser)
– 3M Tape if you want to put it back
– Patience

These are our products that we use in this removal process:

Our DIY PPF front kit for Model S comes with everything you need to prep and install, including step-by-step video guides and custom designed PPF parts.