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Tesla’s paint is unfortunately very thin and soft, making it very easy to chip your paint and scratch it up. Here are 5 ways you can protect your Tesla with that are affordable and easy to install. No need to worry about scuffs, scratches, or paint chips after these installs!

Note: These kits will not damage your Tesla’s interior or exterior if properly removed. They will last 7+ years with good care. Learn more about PPF by clicking here

Glovebox PPF for Model 3/Y

This area can get really scuffed up, with passengers putting their feet on the dash or crossing their legs, as well as bags brushing by it. It’s really an underrated area, because as soon as you forget about it, it’s already damaged.

This is also a super easy first product to install if you’ve never worked with PPF as it’s a simple rectangle. 

(Clear or Tinted) Headlight PPF for Model 3/Y/S + (Clear or Tinted) Taillight PPF for Model 3/Y

If a rock hits your headlight just right, it’ll break. That would be an expensive fix. Along with breaking, it also protects against scratches and scuffs that make it dull and foggy over the years.

If you choose to go the tinted route for a stealthy look, these don’t affect your light intensity. They might affect your cool-meter, though.

Rear Trunk PPF for Model 3/Y 

Bikes have scuffed up the area under my trunk over the years, but honestly anything big and clunky such as groceries, luggage, baby strollers, etc, will knock paint chips off right and left. 

Door Handle PPF + Door Handle Area PPF for Model 3/Y

Your door handles end up with tiny micro scratches from fingernails and bags rubbing against it constantly. It’s a very small, simple kit to install, and it’ll definitely help with such a high use area. This kit will keep it shiny too, instead of dull from wear. 

With the Door Handle Area kit, you can protect the paint around it, as it also gets scratched and chipped little by little every time you open the door.

Full Rockers for Model 3/Y + Mini Rockers for Model 3/Y/S

Paint is especially thin in these areas. That, combined with dirt, debris, and rocks constantly being flung up to hit it on your daily commute, will absolutely destroy these parts.

I highly recommend the full rockers, especially if you live anywhere with gravel/dirt roads, or cold climates with snow, ice, and salt. The mini rockers are a compromise if you don’t feel up to doing the entire rocker. These cover the area right in front of your rear wheel where a lot of the impact is. 

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