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What Are Mud Flaps For?

Protect your Tesla’s paint from rocks, sludge, dirt, and snow. Mud flaps were designed to guard the rockers and lower portion of the car. It’s a simple barrier that keeps dirt, rocks, and debris from slinging up and chipping your paint. Also, the wider and bigger your tires are, the more mud and rocks get slung. As a bonus, some people like the sporty or outdoorsy look it gives the car too.

The Issue With Mud Flaps

Mud flaps were designed to protect. Ironically, they can also damage your paint in the process. They sit right against the paint and gather dirt and grime in the tight crevices. While driving, the mud flaps rub against the paint, causing that debris to scratch the paint where the mud flaps sit. I’ve seen it cause minimal damage all the way to going through the paint entirely. It depends on where and how much you’re driving to the extent of the damage.

The Fix

PPF! Paint protection film is a durable, clear film that can easily be applied underneath the mud flaps. This sacrificial layer will prevent paint damage by keeping the mud flap off the paint. If you already have PPF installed on your car, you don’t need to install this piece as well, but you can if you want.

Do Mud Flaps Affect Range?

While they do cause some drag, it shouldn’t affect your range more than 3% or so. I can’t tell a difference in range for me personally. There are a lot more factors like driving habits, tire size, weather, etc. that make a bigger impact on range.  


Our mud flaps are a drill-free install using existing holes and come with everything you need to install in under 5 minutes. We also include a custom-cut PPF kit with slip and tack solution and a squeegee. Made out of Avery Supreme PPF, this is the same high-quality material that is in our DIY front and full body kits and lasts around 10 years. Check out the video above for a detailed install guide.